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General Family Dentistry in Webster, TX for All Ages

Portrait of a joyful family looking at the camera at homeWebster Dental Associates provides excellent dental care using state-of-the-art technology and an emphasis on building trust and strong relationships. Whether your child needs a checkup or you’re looking for the latest cosmetic enhancement, we offer comprehensive treatment and individual attention to make your visit a great experience. We go the extra mile to make our office comfortable and welcoming for you, whether you’re visiting us for the first time or the hundredth.

Dr. Benjamin Smith and Dr. Allison M. Dillon are dedicated to helping your family maintain optimal oral health. We especially enjoy working with young children and teaching them about the joys and benefits of caring for their smile. For personalized dental care in Webster, Clear Lake, League City, Friendswood, or any of the surrounding communities, call our skilled team today!


Dental Services for Every Stage of Life

Each phase of life comes with its challenges, especially when it comes to oral health. At Webster Dental Associates, we can provide the most appropriate care for every age group, ensuring every member of your family gets the right treatment at the right time.

Infants & Toddlers: Your child’s baby teeth play a vital role in their dental development, but their vulnerability to disease and decay could put their health at risk. To ensure healthy growth, children should visit our practice starting at age three.

Children & Teens: As primary teeth give way to permanent teeth, your child’s dental needs change. We evaluate children and teens as they mature, ensuring that teeth, gums, and bite correctly develop as they grow closer to adulthood.

Adults: Maintaining your oral health with regular cleanings and exams is a challenge for busy adults. We help you schedule the time you need to keep your oral health on track as you get older.

Seniors: The passage of time can have devastating effects on your teeth and gums. Our services can help you restore your smile so you can eat, speak, and laugh with confidence again.

Benefits of Preventive Dental Care and Patient Education

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain long-term dental health, which is why we take time to get to know you and your family. We know that everyone has unique goals and challenges with their smile, and forming a personal bond allows us to tailor your treatment to your needs. Patient education is an important part of what we do. As partners in your dental health, we make sure to explain your options carefully so you can make informed decisions about your treatment. We also provide helpful advice you can use to take care of your teeth at home, promoting a healthier smile you can enjoy between dental visits.

For parents, adults, and grandparents, it’s important to keep up with the maintenance of your smile. We help you maintain your teeth and gums by using the latest technology in the field of dentistry and modern techniques. By taking the time to visit our team for return appointments, you can preserve your oral health.

Close-up of a mother and her cute daughter smiling and posingAll of our initial and bi-annual cleanings and exams include:

  • Full Mouth X-Rays
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Periodontal Charting
  • Sealants & Fluorides

We are dedicated to your comfort and education on the importance of taking care of your teeth and gums. We understand if you have fears of visiting the dentist and do our best to use clear language and go over dental services to ease any anxiety.

Understanding The Oral-Systemic Connection

Mature couple riding bikesGum disease can lead to serious overall health problems and tooth loss. Gum tissue becomes inflamed when your immune system is on the defense against the toxins found in plaque. The weakened tissue can become an entry point for bacteria and inflammation to travel through the bloodstream and access other areas in your body.

The level of periodontal infection present will determine which treatment has the best chance of improving your oral health. Our gum disease treatments address the basic causes of the disease and remove harmful bacteria regularly.

When detected early, the damage created by gum disease can heal through professional treatments coupled with diligent oral hygiene. There are many new options available using advanced technology to restore gums and teeth and to prevent further damage.

Dental Emergencies in Webster, TX 

3d tooth with first aid kit isolated on white backgroundOur practice provides relief for a range of dental emergencies, from broken teeth to damaged restorations. These can be a result of trauma, like hitting your teeth on a hard surface or infection. In either case, it’s important to seek immediate care before the pain increases and puts your oral health at risk. We are committed to enhancing patient comfort at every stage of treatment and offer nitrous oxide to reduce dental anxiety and fears when receiving care. Our Webster team works to prioritize treatment for emergencies and provide restorative care to alleviate your pain and fear.

Common dental emergencies we treat include:

A Knocked-Out or Lost Tooth requires that you contact us immediately. If you can, try to save as much natural tooth structure as possible, picking up your tooth by the crown and never by the root. If we are unable to re-insert the tooth back into the socket, we’ll likely recommend treatment with a crown attached to a dental implant or bridge.

A Cracked, Fractured, or Broken Tooth can be the result of an accident or biting into something hard. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may repair your tooth with a filling, inlay, onlay, or crown.

Loose or Lost Restorations may happen because of decay developing underneath or around your restoration. Deep decay or large cavities can change the shape of your tooth, so our dentists will remove the decay and prepare the tooth to ensure your new crown or filling fits properly.

Infections are considered urgent, and the sooner you come into our office for treatment, the faster we can remove disease and stop it from spreading. We’ll likely perform a root canal if your tooth is still salvageable, or extraction if not, depending on the severity of your situation.

We strive to provide rapid relief and efficient treatment to resolve any dental emergency you may have. Our Webster practice offers same-day emergency appointments whenever possible.


Amalgam-Free Restorations

We take pride in being detail-oriented about placing amalgam-free restorations to ensure a perfect fit. We offer aesthetic materials such as porcelain and ceramics to enhance the look of your smile while protecting your teeth. We offer:

  • Fillings
  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Dentures

The right restorative plan for your smile will consider several factors. While some may require extensive dental implant rehabilitation, others with minimal damage may often achieve a renewed smile with crowns or composite fillings. Dr. Smith and Dr. Dillon are compassionate, family-oriented dental professionals dedicated to the maintenance and restoration of your family’s teeth and gums.

Root Canal Therapy

3d illustration of see through tooth with nerves showingA tooth is considered severely damaged when infection threatens the inner chamber. The delicate pulp at the center of a tooth contains many nerves that become painfully inflamed when exposed to bacteria. Root canal therapy can eliminate the agony of a toothache by removing the infected pulp while preserving the tooth’s anatomical structure.

Root canal therapy prevents the infection from endangering surrounding teeth and forming a periodontal abscess. The therapy also protects your physical health by halting the spread of bacteria before they can reach the bloodstream and infect vital organs.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is an oral infection of the periodontal (gum) tissues that are responsible for holding your teeth in place. Although helpful and harmful bacteria both reside in your mouth, the more aggressive disease-causing bacteria can lead to serious oral health issues if left untreated. There are multiple stages of periodontal disease. Each stage can affect your overall oral health.

Gingivitis is the earliest phase of gum disease and the easiest to treat.

Periodontitis develops when gingivitis goes untreated. The inner gum layer starts pulling away from the teeth, creating pockets.

Advanced Periodontitis is the most serious stage of gum disease, when tissue and supporting the bone are significantly damaged.

Prevention is always your best defense against the development of gum disease. Diligent oral hygiene between dental visits is essential to protect your gums and promote a lifetime of healthy supporting tissues.

Dental Implants

senior man smiling at homeIf you want permanent tooth replacement, dental implants are an ideal solution. Webster Dental Associates offers implant restoration to return a fully functioning bite into your life. With a 95-98% success rate, dental implants can restore a single tooth, several teeth, or a full arch. They provide a complete replacement option to give you the comfort and function of natural teeth.

Placing your custom restoration on your implant is a simple procedure completed in one visit. After the implant post is placed, we will order your custom restoration. Once our trusted lab sends us the new replacement, we attach the prosthetic and test to make sure your bite is even and comfortable.

Dental Extractions

Sincere beautiful ginger girl smiling looking at camera.Simple extractions are a common dental procedure when a tooth is unable to be repaired. Despite the common lore, removing a tooth is a straightforward process and one that is painless with the use of a local anesthetic. For routine cases, the entire extraction can be completed in 20-40 minutes. If the tooth is a moderate or difficult extraction, we will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon.

Often erupting during the late teens through the early 20s, the third molars are the last teeth to develop. Not many people have room to accommodate new teeth by the time wisdom teeth are ready to emerge. As a result, many often experience a condition known as impaction.

During impaction, the tooth is unable to breach the jaw bone or gums. The tooth may not grow incorrectly, often pushing the adjacent molars towards the front of the dentition. Impactions can threaten alignment as well as the health of the entire smile. With this in mind, removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible can protect your long-term oral health and function. If you are experiencing wisdom teeth problems or need a tooth extracted for any reason, our team can help make the treatment comfortable, safe, and efficient.

Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures have been a reliable method for replacing teeth for many years. They allow you to chew food and smile comfortably, and improved materials provide more successful and effective denture options. Our team can walk you through the process of receiving and maintaining your dentures. We offer:

Full Dentures can replace an entire arch of missing teeth. The prosthetic relies on the natural suction of the mouth for stability and can be further secured with the use of dental adhesives. Full dentures provide a non-surgical and economical solution for replacing missing teeth.

Partial Dentures are a series of new teeth in an acrylic framework with metal clasps. These fasteners wrap around neighboring teeth to stabilize the entire prosthetic.

For those who qualify, dental implants provide a stable method of retaining dentures. The implants work as artificial tooth roots that hold your dentures in place.

Everything You Need For Optimal Oral Health

Your family deserves professional dental care that reestablishes the natural function and beauty of your smile. Our skilled and compassionate team can provide a variety of general dental services for every age. You can achieve your best dental and overall health, no matter the severity of your needs. We treat individuals and families residing throughout Webster, Clear Lake, League City, and Friendswood. Call us today to schedule your appointment!


Smile With Confidence

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